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Услуги в сфере проектного консультирования

Sea Alliance can advise on one or more aspects of an ongoing project. The knowledge gained from Sea Alliance success in marina projects is made available to clients around the world.

Sea Alliance provides advice on the most challenging aspects facing a specific marina: compliance to environmental standards, integration of new technology, and planning for upgrades or expansion. In the case of a brand-new project, we perform feasibility studies and market research to maximize profit potential.


Sea Alliance has contributed expertise to projects in the following locations:

• Eilat  – Consultancy and assistance in the “Laguna Partners” Project
• Tel Aviv – Positioning of a pier for the Israeli company Atarim.
• Ashdod – Installation of a tugboat pier for Ashdod Port.
• Tel Aviv – Consultancy, import and installation of floating docks for kayaks at the Daniel Rowing Sports Center.
• Eilat – Consultancy and operational assistance in the renovation and management of the King Solomon Marina.

Sea Alliance has also served as consultant for marina and seaside real-estate projects in northern Spain, northern Italy, southern Turkey and other countries.